Game Pickups Week 4 November 2016

Okay it has been a little while since I've done an update. Actually I wasn't finding very much.. and then all of a sudden I was finding games everywhere! Picked up some massive hauls.. Then I spent a heap of time putting the duplicates up for sale, listed nearly 100 things on eBay. Plus I've been spending heaps of time playing Pokemon Sun, so I haven't been keeping up with updates.. time to fix that!

Game Pickups Week 2 November 2016

Some awesome finds this week! I haven't added many new games to my Gamecube collection for a while now, over 250 games so there are only a few i'm missing. So first up a huge thanks to my buddy Pat at Cash Converters who sent me a message when they got in some Gamecube games that I didn't have in my collection. Added Pokemon Channel and Mario Party 5 and also picked up some others that were relatively cheap. I also picked up Mario Bros for DS, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter 3.

Game Pickups Week 1 November 2016

Well at least explaining where everything was purchased this week will be easy - everything you see here was purchased from online stores/eBay/auction sites. Most of them were picked up with the script I wrote too. I love to code, I do it as a job, as a hobby.. but the few times i've done it and it makes me money, it's a very good feeling.

Game Pickups Week 4 October 2016

I got my usual online pickups; New 3DSXL $130, Ocarina of Time $15, Monster Hunter 3 $15, Animal Crossing $15, Pokemon Dash, Black, White and White 2 all around $20 each. I got some newer games too; New Super Mario Bros Wii U $20, Monster Hunter Tri $15 and Mario Maker for $20 - really happy with this one, have been wanting this game for so long now. I love my oldschool platformers and have been hoping to find it at a good price. Speaking of old school, I also got Mario All Stars, Donkey Kong 2, 3 and Diddy Kong Racing all for around $20 each.

Game Pickups Week 4 September 2016

Whoops!! I actually had a huge bundle of pick ups to post on here last week but totally forgot and it's already the weekend again! I actually took the photo and moved them to my "to be listed on eBay" pile but never did an update!

After saying last week that I wanted to check out pawn shops more often, the one near me actually burnt down the next fucking day! Great! Well at least I cleaned out all their bargains before it happened...

Game Pickups Week 3 September 2016

What a week! Week 2 of September was really quiet, with almost no pick ups. Then all of a sudden in week 3 I just found one amazing find after another. I've completely drained my Paypal account this month with all the things i've bought, but hopefully I can start to sell some this week and make it back.

Game Pickups Week 1 September 2016

Very quiet week.. Not very many pick ups at all. The weekend market that used to run near me has closed down and i'm not sure if it's reopening. It may have moved but i'm not sure where to! Really need to start finding new places to find games as I feel that my current sources are beginning to run dry.