Game Pickups December/January 2017

Holy shit what a hectic end of year.. I was so busy with work, Christmas, New Years, more work.. I'm not even sure how I found time to look for games, but I did. Trust me, I did. I have photos to prove it. I may not have been making articles each week, but I still took the photos. I think some items were duplicates in the photos (Pokemon Yellow and a demo disk) - this is because I currently have shit everywhere my place is getting way too full and I need to tidy it up.

Game Pickups Week 4 November 2016

Okay it has been a little while since I've done an update. Actually I wasn't finding very much.. and then all of a sudden I was finding games everywhere! Picked up some massive hauls.. Then I spent a heap of time putting the duplicates up for sale, listed nearly 100 things on eBay. Plus I've been spending heaps of time playing Pokemon Sun, so I haven't been keeping up with updates.. time to fix that!

Game Pickups Week 2 November 2016

Some awesome finds this week! I haven't added many new games to my Gamecube collection for a while now, over 250 games so there are only a few i'm missing. So first up a huge thanks to my buddy Pat at Cash Converters who sent me a message when they got in some Gamecube games that I didn't have in my collection. Added Pokemon Channel and Mario Party 5 and also picked up some others that were relatively cheap. I also picked up Mario Bros for DS, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter 3.

Game Pickups Week 1 November 2016

Well at least explaining where everything was purchased this week will be easy - everything you see here was purchased from online stores/eBay/auction sites. Most of them were picked up with the script I wrote too. I love to code, I do it as a job, as a hobby.. but the few times i've done it and it makes me money, it's a very good feeling.

Game Pickups Week 4 October 2016

I got my usual online pickups; New 3DSXL $130, Ocarina of Time $15, Monster Hunter 3 $15, Animal Crossing $15, Pokemon Dash, Black, White and White 2 all around $20 each. I got some newer games too; New Super Mario Bros Wii U $20, Monster Hunter Tri $15 and Mario Maker for $20 - really happy with this one, have been wanting this game for so long now. I love my oldschool platformers and have been hoping to find it at a good price. Speaking of old school, I also got Mario All Stars, Donkey Kong 2, 3 and Diddy Kong Racing all for around $20 each.

Game Pickups Week 4 September 2016

Whoops!! I actually had a huge bundle of pick ups to post on here last week but totally forgot and it's already the weekend again! I actually took the photo and moved them to my "to be listed on eBay" pile but never did an update!

After saying last week that I wanted to check out pawn shops more often, the one near me actually burnt down the next fucking day! Great! Well at least I cleaned out all their bargains before it happened...

Game Pickups Week 3 September 2016

What a week! Week 2 of September was really quiet, with almost no pick ups. Then all of a sudden in week 3 I just found one amazing find after another. I've completely drained my Paypal account this month with all the things i've bought, but hopefully I can start to sell some this week and make it back.