About Healplz.com

So what is this site? What the fuck is it for?
The answer can be put best in the words of Eric Cartman. It's my site, so I'll do what I want!
It started off as a place for me to dump my code, projects I was working on. Back in '02 good old Geocities didn't support PHP or SQL and that was something I wanted to learn, so I made this site so I could put some theory in to practice. I taught myself how to code when I was in primary school and have since never had any official classes in web design, but still continue to make all sorts of little projects that use this site. Projects ranging from song remix databases, to MMORPG databases and simulators to more useful things like schedulers, auction tools or calculators. Some that are still used and appreciated today by the community. It's also a place for me to work on and mirror commercial projects that I write, before implementing them and as a place to make changes before committing them to the live version. Overall it's been a pretty sound investment.

So what's here now?
Well, it's a bit of everything, really, a collective digital archive of my memories. I've tried to include a few of my old projects in case someone finds them useful. While I attended university, I stumbled upon countless blogs while searching for answers online. That stuff was like digital gold. Not only was it extremely useful, but I could comment and contact the author if I was still stuck and more often than not they would help me out. If anyone gets stuck, i'm here to offer advice, snippets of source code, or point people in the right direction. There is a lot of information available online, which I think a lot of us take advantage of and forget that someone had to first put it there. I guess this is my way of giving back to the internet, in some way?

What's with the gaming stuff then?
Well I also love to play games with my buddies when ever I get a chance. I'm a very old school gamer though.. I grew up with a brother only a few years younger than me, so gaming was always a cooperative affair. There was no such thing as single player. "Retro" gaming to me means something totally different, it means having a good time (not a long time) playing games with other people. Because to me, that's what the old games were about. Too many "gamers" these days are focused on competitive gaming, or single player games with a goal to escape reality. I believe that's kinda destroyed what games are all about. I've recently gone back to playing board games and card games purely for the interaction with other humans. However, I still love my online games - as long as it's with other people. That's why all the games I review, all the videos I upload, will be me playing with friends. Because that's how games should be played. I do hope that the reviews get read and appreciated and it does sway people to play games with people more often than on their own. The same with my videos, I hope that people watch them and see how much fun we have and how fun playing with friends can be than playing on your own.

What else might show up on this site?
Who knows. Whatever I feel like, really. Keep it fresh.