Android RPS Game

My final university project as a group was a project of my choice. We could have picked some massive database, a website, anything we wanted.. but I wanted to make a game. Only two other students out of 200+ wanted to make a game so I arranged a meeting with them and the head of department to discuss our options. So our specifications were that we had to; design and code everything from scratch, make a game suitable for both Android and iPhone and we had to have a completed project at the end of the semester. We chose to use Corona SDK for some rapid development as neither of us had ever made an Android/iPhone game before! It was an awesome learning experience and we had a pretty polished game at the end. Gameplay-wise anyway.. the graphics were terrible.. Turns out both of us were coders and neither had an artistic bone in our body.

Below is a photo of the game. A "Rock paper scissors" game where you have to tap to change form and beat the opposing enemy, or jump over them. As you progress the game speeds up but you can collect berries to slow down.

You can download the APK file for Android here. Sorry I don't have a build for iPhone, but you can also check out the source code here and if you download Corona, you can build it yourself.