Board Game Review - Walking Dead

Almost a year since any new posts on this website? What's going on? Well, i'll get to that in another post, but for a short answer - i've not been gaming anywhere near as much as I used to. Instead I've been playing a lot of board games lately! I've been meaning to come back and write some new content and I thought, what better way than with a board game review!

So I picked this game up for $10.. I'm a huge walking dead fan and when I saw it I couldn't help myself. I read some reviews online and they were incredibly mixed with some saying it was terrible and some saying it was good for people just getting in to board games. Now, me and my group of friends are not new to board games.. we are battle hardened veterans.. but I convinced them to give this game a crack. That being said, we haven't played it again since..

I'll start with the good points. The concept of the game is good. Go to places, scavenge items and complete missions before other players do. On your way to the locations zombies will appear behind you, slowing other players but also hindering your progress too. It's a pretty fun mechanic. If a player goes in to a mission location, you can't go in there, but you can surround them in zombies. If you get too surrounded, you can use fuel to zoom past the zombies and get out safely - most of the time. In addition to completing the missions, you can also scavenge for items that are useful in the game. The game has a very "walking dead" feel to it the whole way through, but that's about where the enjoyment ends unfortunately.

The main problem is the scaling. Basically whenever you enter a scavenge point, you draw a card. It's effects are random, very random. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. In the game we played, it was mostly bad.. By "mostly" perhaps one card out of the 30 or so were actually beneficial and the rest were horrible effects like spawning a heap of zombies around you, making you take damage or fight zombies which usually ended up in taking damage. The issue is that those insanely hard card events are mixed in with the easy ones and the ones that benefit you which can appear even on turn one of the game. Turn one, when you don't have any items to heal damage or fuel to escape.. so, you can pretty much die in 3 or so rounds.. Once you're dead, that's it, you're out of the game until someone wins.. or everyone dies. Usually the latter..

I think the game is 'okay' but does need a lot of work. It's definitely not something I would recommend to anyone who has played some really good board games. If you're a fan of walking dead, then you might enjoy it!