Bringing out the cunt in me playing Town of Salem

Pretty pissed off at my friend Bria lately.. because she introduced me to this fucking game that has stolen my life. My first night of playing I just could not stop. I noticed the time ticking 1am, 2am.... 5am. It was a continuous case of "just one more game!".

Town of Salem is a sort of murder mystery game, where some players assume the roles of murderers or mafia members, others the roles of townspeople with special roles or investigators who attempt to catch the bad guys out. Either team wins when all of the other are dead. The bad guys can straight out kill people, but the townspeople are forced to collaborate together and successfully convict someone and lynch them in the town square. The problem is, no-one knows who each other is or what their role is or if they are good or bad or who they say they are. They could even be a Jester - whose sole purpose it is to make the town hang them. You can see why this game is appealing to me already, can't you?

At first I had no idea what I was doing, I was just attempting to assume my role and do what I was told. But I found out pretty quickly that announcing you are a good guy and accusing someone of murder will end you up dead faster than you can say "I'm innocent!". The game is extremely strategic and requires a lot of mind games, player manipulation, cognitive memory (or good note keeping!) - or just the ability to threaten the fuck out of players so much that they shit themselves and join your side, be you good OR evil. Every game is different and unique as practically anything can happen at any moment. It is purely player driven, so you never know who is teaming up or scheming against you. One outcome that had me in tears of laughter was when I thought all hope was lost when 1 townsperson was standing alone in town with a mafia member still left, the villager was clearly screwed as he couldn't hang the mafia without more townspeople to help vote. However, that night the mafia attempted to kill him and he revealed himself to be a Veteran and shot the intruder - making the townspeople the victors.

I have learned something about myself after playing this game, well, more of an assurance than anything. But, i'm a cunt. A true born and raised cunt. Sit me in any role in this game and I have dominated every person. It's not my fault, really, I was raised this way... but I am thankful for it. Play this game, it is utterly amazing.

If you want to check out some screenshots of some of the absolutely amazing things that have happened to me in this game so far, check out my Steam profile screenshot gallery.