Duels of the Planeswalkers - Battle Mastery Achievement

Lately I have had this little obsession over 100% finishing every game, including getting every achievement. One that frustrated me a little was "Battle Mastery" from Magic 2015, until I found a nice way of getting it. So I thought I'd share it.

Basically, you get the achievement for getting 100 multiplayer wins. You could farm this with a friend, but that is fucking boring - and would you really have a sense of achievement if you did that? Fuck no! No cheating. The other catch is, when a player thinks they are going to lose, they can quit the game, putting you against an AI opponent. Now, I'm not sure for certain but I don't think wins against AI counts for the achievement. I had over 300 wins (multiplayer and single player) and still didn't get the achievement. I don't think I played 200 single player games so I'm assuming you have to get the 100 wins before they quit.

So I came up with this idea. You want to kill them fast with a speed/power deck, I'm talking Red/Green. These sorts of decks are like king-hitters, you either hit hard and win - or swing and miss. Either way, it's a quick game and you can move on to the next one. Win or lose. Secondly, to prevent them from quitting the game, you want an unexpected win condition. If they see the loss coming they will just leave the game. That's where "Fling" comes in handy. Ok, on to the deck and how it works.

  • 4x Inferno Fist
  • 4x Maniacal Rage
  • 4x Fling
  • 4x Lightning Talons
  • 4x Cultivate
  • 3x Enlarge
  • 4x Spire Tracer
  • 4x Wandering Wolf
  • 4x Aura Gnarlid
  • 3x Howlgeist
  • 9x Mountain
  • 9x Forest
  • 4x Gruul Guildgate

If you didn't notice, all of the creatures are not blockable. The spire tracer can only be blocked by flying/reach, but because of it's low cost it won't often be up against them. By turn 3 or 4 you can pump it up with some red spells and give it first strike. They won't WANT to block it. The other three creatures are "Cannot be blocked unless power is higher". Which, again, is where all the red buffing spells come in to play. They play higher power creatures, you buff yours even higher. If they're too high for you to get past, then just fling them! Fling also works well for stealing that victory from under their nose. They don't expect to get hit hard and then you kill your own creature to strike the killing blow. If the game goes really late, you can even use Enlarge and then Fling. Holy fuck that's some scary shit.

Flaws: Control decks. Namely blue bounce, white exiles, red instant damage, black instant kills. But as I said, if you lose then you lose hard. On to the next game!

Possible changes: I was considering taking the Howlgeist out. It's nice, but quite expensive and you want to be more early game than late. Thinking of replacing Spire Tracer with some more mana ramp, or something like Elvish Pioneer. But it has won me so many games so I left it in.

Let me know how you go using this deck! Always love feedback.


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