Game Collecting Burn Out?

So lately i've been feeling a little overwhelmed by my game collecting hobby and i've starting to wonder if i'm burning myself out? I still get that irreplaceable feeling of excitement when I find a good deal or add a game to my collection that i've been hunting for a long time. However, the good deals lately have been very few and far between and.. my collection is slowly getting complete and i'm slightly concerned about what to do next..

I've always collected games that suit my taste or games I want to play in the immediate future and i've never aimed to collect a "full set" for any console. So with a lot of consoles now, I feel that i've got pretty much all the games that I want to play. Every so often I watch videos and read online about really great hidden gems and I add them to my wishlist but that list is thinning out pretty quickly. Once i've got them, what next? Do I aim for a complete set? I'd love to, but I'm really struggling for room in my house as it is. I'd love to move to a bigger place but the property market is pretty bad at the moment so I just have to stick it out. Do I stop collecting, or just collect part-time? That would be pretty sad.. but I feel if I collect only part time then I would most likely miss out on a lot of the really good deals.

So I wrote the first half of this post a month ago.. but didn't post it and i'm only just coming back to it now. It's really been eating at me the last few weeks. Game collecting has become such a big part of my life and i'm really not sure what I would do without it. I've put a lot of effort in lately to actually playing some games and to getting my game room looking it's best. It has cheered me up slightly and I think perhaps that is the way forward? Continue to collect, but only the titles that really appeal to me or the deals that are an absolute STEAL that I can flip or trade for something that does interest me. Not only that but I've been looking for items that will make my game room more appealing and welcoming for me to go in and actually play stuff. I've never been one for collectable figures, but i've started to pick up a few that I really like, such as a Zero Suit Samus figure and some Chrono Trigger figures.

I think it's important to go back to my roots, where it all started and play more games rather than just getting shelf filler. Let's give that a try for the next few weeks and see how I feel.