Game Pickups August 2016

Definitely slim pickings for the last two weeks, i'm gonna claim quality over quantity. So this is two weeks worth of pick ups, I haven't toned it down - actually i've been looking harder than before because i'm actually on holiday at the moment!

Alright, start with the back left pile. A neat little stack I grabbed from Cash Converters for $6 each. Yep. This particular store just prices all of their games for $6, doesn't matter if it's old, new, cheap, expensive. Hey, I'm not one to argue! However they had a copy of Super Metroid for $75 and unfortunately wouldn't make that one $6 for me. Can even see Ni no Kuni hiding down the bottom there! Have been after that one for a little while now. The SNES and Gameboy games were an online bundle, $50 for the whole lot. Going to sell Donkey Kong Country for $50 and keep the rest. I love free games.. Speaking of free games, you might be wondering what that Hyrule Warriors is and why it has no case.. Well I actually scored big time and purchased a 32GB WiiU console with the Classic Controller and Zelda Windwaker for $150! I was intending on selling the console for a tidy profit and keeping the game/controller. First thing I did when I got it home was make sure it worked, it turned on, and out of habit I hit the eject button and out pops Hyrule Warriors! They didn't even know it was in there! However after plugging the rest of the console in I found that the Gamepad was actually faulty. Luckily I had a spare gamepad to turn it on and make sure it wasn't locked to a Nintendo account.. it wasn't.. but still the gamepad was faulty. I did my absolute best to get it to work, apart from pulling the whole thing apart. In the end I took it back for a refund, but kept the Hyrule Warriors.. shhh.

The 3DSL XL is a present for my brother. It was in awesome condition but unfortunately it was missing the stylus! Should be able to pick one up cheap.

Okay what's left.. the Mario Bros DS and Mario Sunshine! They were all pickups from donation stores.. they were $3 each. Bargain! Quick sellers too. The Yokai watch was an online buy. $19, which is kinda pricey.. but I want to actually play it. It got pretty popular for a while and there is a sequel coming out so it can't be that bad. I tried to watch the anime but it gave me a headache though.. I missed some games from the photos again, but nothing amazing. Boom Blox, Puzzle Guzzle and Agent Under Fire for $2 each. Some unique titles that I thought looked cool.

Finally, you might be asking what the big boxes are that they're all sitting on. Well, that's my Birthday/Holiday/Tax Rebate gift to myself! It's a whole bunch of cabinets from IKEA that I'm going to be setting up in my spare room to finally give a lot of my games a home. At the time of writing i'm about 70% complete in building them all. Once it's all set up and done, i'll snap a photo or ten. But until then, I better get back to building..