Game Pickups December/January 2017

Holy shit what a hectic end of year.. I was so busy with work, Christmas, New Years, more work.. I'm not even sure how I found time to look for games, but I did. Trust me, I did. I have photos to prove it. I may not have been making articles each week, but I still took the photos. I think some items were duplicates in the photos (Pokemon Yellow and a demo disk) - this is because I currently have shit everywhere my place is getting way too full and I need to tidy it up.

The main photo for the article was JUST the last week's pick ups - and most of that was actually ALL on the same day! There was so much more that I couldn't fit in to the photo too.. I got a very large XBox collection from a thrift shop - for $2 each game. We weren't going to go in there, but my bro wanted to have a cigarette so I said "Ok you sit in the car and smoke, i'll go in.." Then I walked out with an armload of games. Some are shelf fillers but there are some great games in there still like Spyro, Blinx, Crash Bandicoot etc.. On the same day, the exact same situation - we were going to avoid a store but then I reminded my brother that the last time we went in there we picked up the $110 Metroid game and the time before a neat stack of PS2 games.. and sure enough Mario Party 7.. for $3. My eyes jumped out of my skull when I saw it. Easily $100+ game but it goes straight in my collection to finish my Mario Party Gamecube collection - just 2 & 3 for N64 to get now. Around the corner from that store we picked up a PS2 and a PS1 for $15 each and an extra controller and time crisis gun - haven't tested if they work yet but i'm getting pretty good at fixing them now so doesn't bother me if they don't! I actually picked up a CRT TV on the same day. It unfortunately doesn't have a remote, but hey it was for free and it works.

I don't want to write detailed info on where everything came from, but the Wii Remotes and games, probably about half the PS2, PS1 and almost all of the DS games came from online purchases. The Pokemon Sun 2DS was from a store - it was $90 but they are $150 new and only increasing in price so I grabbed it. The remaining lot, the SNES console, PS2 slim console, PS2 games and other half of PS1 games were donated to me by a friend who was moving and just wanted to get rid of them. I have to give him some money for them though.. There was well over $300 worth of stuff in what he gave me.

Not going to go in to huge detail with these. Nearly all of this (minus the Singstar stuff which was $3 each at a thrift store - already sold the wireless mics for a considerable amount too by the way...) was bought online with my auto-buying script. I've actually tweaked it a bit and will probably make a new page on it soon. I know a few other people also use scripts to buy and lately a few of them have been beating me to it so now mine runs incredibly fast and streamlined. Hopefully won't lose any more now.

Notable mentions being: King's Field IV, Wild Arms 4 & 5, Persona 3, Metroid, Knight Quest, Bravely Default, Nights of Azure, Luigi's Mansion, Splatoon and a Simpsons PSP Console.
Notable fuck ups of the month: I missed out big time.. I found some PS2 games online - all 3 Atelier Iris games and Disgaea 1. They were listed as auctions starting at $25 but I thought I would be sneaky and offered $45 for the lot. Knowing full well that this was over $200 in highly collectible games. To my surprise, they agreed and changed the prices for me! However, I was too fucking slow and some other asshole grabbed the whole lot. I think I'll be kicking myself for some time over that one..