Game Pickups July 2016

I've been so lazy at posting updates for my game collection over the last few weeks.. mainly because i've been playing Pokemon Go! I'm so addicted to that game, so much that on my days off I drive for an hour and a half to meet up with friends to walk around a park catching Pokemon. The whole concept is insane, but it's fun and I love it!

Anyway, i've also had a chance to check out some other second hand stores that I don't normally visit because of all the travelling around catching Pokemon! I've also found some awesome stuff there too! So i've crammed it all in to one photo because i'm lazy as fuck.. The big stack of Gamecube games were a Facebook buy. I have a very large Gamecube collection but I was missing Mario Party 4 and Pikmin 2 from my collection and my ONLY platinum game was Animal Crossing so now I can finally move that on and replace it with an original. It was $150 for the lot, and after selling Gale of Darkness, Smash Bros and Mario Kart... the rest have already been paid for. I lucked out on getting that one as the guy selling it lived quite a distance from the city so none of the regular dealers wanted to drive all that way but I live 10 minutes from him so I jumped on it. Most of the Wii/PS3/PS2/PS1 games were more half price specials so I grabbed them.. don't judge me for buying Disney's Tangled.. it was a good movie, okay?! The game can't be THAT bad.. A few of the random titles, Crazy Taxi, Oni, Star Wars Battlefronts, Pipe Mania and Age of Empires 3 were all pick ups from second hand stores that I visited while chasing Pokemon. I also scored a Gamecube for $30, N64 for $60 and Boxed 3DSXL for $90.. all which sell for well over double what I paid.

There are some other games not shown here.. like Pokemon White, New Super Mario DS, Dynasty Warriors DS, Mario 64, Turok 1 and 2, Star Wars Battle for Naboo, Majora's Mask, South Park 64, Mystical Ninja and a quirky DS game called Doodle Hex. It looked like an interesting game and it was $3 so I grabbed it! My house was becoming a bit of a mess so I already added them to my collection or they sold before I could take the photo! I still have piles of games scattered around my spare room because I've run out of cabinet space to put them all in.. But I should get my tax rebate back soon so I think i'll use that for an Ikea run to get some new storage units! Stay tuned for heaps more awesome pick ups, I have a lot of online purchases on the way. I may make these posts bi-monthly now as the amount of items i'm finding is slowing a little bit.