Game Pickups Week 1 February 2017

Well my memory and organizational skills are lacking this week.. I just realized the controllers I got last week were put in this weeks photo. What an idiot.. It's mainly because I have SO MUCH STUFF right now and nowhere to put it. I'm running out of room once again.. I need to get more shelves for my cupboards. I've found someone on Gumtree selling some so i'll try grab them this week.

Alright on to the pick ups. What a ridiculous week. Utterly ridiculous... I told myself I wouldn't spend so much this week because I had over $1000 in bills.. but I got a massive pile of DS and 3DS games, including some more expensive games like Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Kirby and Luigi's Mansion all for $6-8 each.. It was just too good to pass up. Then again a massive stack of PS2, PSP and XBox games for $4 each. No amazing titles in there, some around the $30 mark like Ratchet/Jak/Sly Raccoon, but a lot of titles that I didn't have.

I took a trip to the local pawn shop nearby and got some good finds there too - they have been doing a promo for all games $5. I assume because the are too lazy to research prices.. But I picked up Singstar Wiggles, Final Fantasy X HD, Metal Gear Solid Collection, Tales of Xillia Day 1 Edition as well as New Super Mario, Skyward Sword and Donkey Kong Country. All $30+ Games.. double that in the case of Metal Gear Solid/Xillia. Picked up a copy of Crash Bandicoot for $12 too.. ridiculous buy. Again, too good to pass up on.

Some big ticket items this week too.. I got a few nice scores, but also took a few risks. The Super Metroid and Ocarina of Time were in a store for $70 each but I knew from previous visits that the salesperson was a bit greedy, and all I really wanted was the Metroid so I offered them $80 for the two and they took it. I'll just flip the Zelda for $65-70 and call it a bargain Metroid. I did a similar thing with the Blues Brothers/Donkey Kong, but when I got home found that my Donkey Kong cartridge was a bit trashed so I ended up upgrading it anyway. I found a copy of Conker's Bad Fur Day too... Now, it was a big spend at $95 but I don't have a copy and my N64 collection is getting pretty close to complete (as in, the games I want for the system) so I don't buy for it very much any more and wanted to get a new addition so I splurged. My final big spend was Silent Hill on PS1. It was $55 but it's actually brand new and still sealed in the original plastic! I haven't decided if I want to keep it yet.. I only have a loose copy of it with no case.. but this one is SEALED so I will never be able to play it which is not what i'm about really. I'm a collector but I collect to play.. so I will probably try and move this one on. I'll list it high and if it sells, it sells. If not then it's still part of my collection in a way.

That's it for now - I don't have much lined up for next week in terms of online purchases, but you never know what I might find at thrift shops. Oh one more thing! I got a copy of Final Fantasy 15 for $20! I've been wanting to play it since release and it was super cheap so I grabbed it. So i'll probably be spending most of my spare time next week playing that!