Game Pickups Week 1 June 2016

Okay so I know I said last time that it was a bit of an unusual week that I scored so many great things, but it seems this week has been just as crazy! Maybe it's to do with the economy or something, I don't know! But what I do know is that I've had some amazing pick ups this week.

I'm gonna do my favourite first because it makes me so happy to know that I finally have a Pokemon N64! I've wanted one for a long time but just waited to find one at the right price. This one was an absolute bargain and came with some great titles. Pokemon Snap, Stadium and Smash Bros. It also came with all the cables, a spare controller, some spare cables and some random Pokemon game manuals and boxes that the previous owner didn't want so they threw them all in! I found the person selling it on Facebook - it almost got snapped up by a dealer/reseller but luckily I grabbed it first.

Next up i'll quickly run through some of my eBay bundle buys. A bunch of classic Final Fantasy PSP games for $5 each. Donkey Kong Country for $15. I played the shit out of this game but never actually owned it! Yes, I was a bad little pirate in my youth.. The last lot was a bit of a disappointment. A few very niche games for $8 each, but the seller also had some other awesome games like Ni No Kuni and Chocobo Tales that I also wanted but someone else was too fast for me! Oh well.. Next Time!

Last up are my finds from thrift shops/second hand dealers/etc. Some random Gamecube games, 3DS and DS games for $4 each at Cash Converters. I already have Lock's quest so I will probably on-sell it, but it was an awesome game either way! The local EB Games are closing down/moving or something because of renovations so all of their half price games were marked down to 1/4 price. Insane! I never thought I would play Disney Infinity but it was $4! I couldn't pass that up. Last but not least was a very large collection of Lego Dimensions sets. They were marked $10-15 each, but I know this store and they always give me a good price. So in the end I got them for $3.50 EACH and they threw in the 3 XBox 360 games for free! I was amazed. I don't even own Lego Dimensions yet, but I bought it for my niece and nephew for Christmas and played it with them for a little while and definitely will grab it once I find it at the right price!

That's it for now. I've already scored a few other items this week that will go in the next article.. plus a very big bundle on the way, possibly the biggest bundle i've purchased to date!