Game Pickups Week 1 November 2016

Well at least explaining where everything was purchased this week will be easy - everything you see here was purchased from online stores/eBay/auction sites. Most of them were picked up with the script I wrote too. I love to code, I do it as a job, as a hobby.. but the few times i've done it and it makes me money, it's a very good feeling.

I suppose all that's left is saying what I paid for it all! The SNES was $70 - boxed, with plastic covers, manuals, everything. The box has seen better days but this was an absolute bargain. There was a boxed NES too but it was $225 which was a bit pricey so I passed on it. 3DSXL $140 - I currently have 7 of them and they aren't selling as fast as they used to. I'm hoping that with the new Pokemon game everyone who doesn't have one decides to get one. Fingers crossed. I also picked up an N64 for $50 - it has no controller and when I received it the AV cables were actually for a Playstation and not Nintendo! I've contacted the store and they are going to issue me a partial refund, so it's even cheaper! I also stumbled upon a limited All Blacks Gameboy Advance console. I couldn't actually find any for sale on eBay except for a $350 boxed one from France and a few damaged ones that sold for $150-180 a few months back. This one was only $30 so I took a chance on it - i've listed it at $249 hoping that a collector really wants it. If it doesn't sell i'll just slowly drop it.

No special PS2 games this week - $4-5 each and I added Super Dragon Ball to my collection and put the rest up for sale. Mario Kart 7 I grabbed for $10 and at the time of writing this has already sold at $42. Same with Pokemon Yellow, it was a bit pricey at $35 but i've already sold it for $59 showing that the Pokemon games can still fetch a nice price. The rest were relatively cheap, the Blue was $20 and the White/White 2 were $19-29 as you can see! I also picked up a copy of Pokemon Conquest which is a game i've never seen before. It's a tactics style pokemon fighting game, like FFT or Tactics Ogre. I love those games so I thought i'd give this a shot, it was $20. Some very bad N64 games for $10 each, but sometimes I like the bad games. Added those to my collection as well as the absolute classic Galaga for NES that I picked up for an absolute bargain price of $20. This game usually goes for around $70-100 and is very hard to get your hands on so i'm super happy to add this one to my collection.

Heaps more online purchases should be arriving next week and hopefully i'll have better luck at the markets/second hand stores this week too.