Game Pickups Week 1 October 2016

Gonna do this pick up report before I forget again! This week was all flavor and no filler this week.. almost! I got a few really nice finds from mostly eBay bundles this week.

First up, the only thing I didn't get in a bundle - the Wii U console! It was "free"... kind of.. let me explain. My first console (the white 8gb one from a few weeks back) i got for $99. I got this boxed, practically brand new console which still has all the box inserts and packaging for $130. It also came with the Wii Remote Plus which I sold for $30, and then sold my old 8gb Wii U for $200 and kept the 32gb Premium boxed Wii U... so technically it was free! I could probably sell this console for a very nice profit, but I really want to keep it.

Bundle 1: A whole bunch of Gamecube games for $6 each. Yeah they're all crappy games but the only game I already had in my collection is Driven so I picked it up. A little bit closer to a complete Gamecube collection!
Bundle 2: Some awesome SNES and Sega games that were $29 each - yes even the Maximum Carnage! I was worried that it might be a reproduction cart but I got it and it was legit! Sold the Mario Kart and Donkey Kong for $55 each!
Bundle 3: Mario Party DS, Simanimals and Bowser's Inside Story for $30. Bowser's Inside Story alone sells for $50, but i'm gonna keep it cause I don't have it and sell the Mario Party for $20. They also threw in a cool Mario case and stylus which I was originally going to sell, but it's actually kinda cool so i'm gonna keep it.

Then some random pick ups; Majoras Mask 3DS for $130 - sold already for $250. Bloody Roar for $15 which i'm going to hang on to. Finally, Kingdom Hearts 3D which cost me $5.. I already have a copy so this beast is going back up on eBay for $70. Tidy little profit on that one!