Game Pickups Week 1 September 2016

Very quiet week.. Not very many pick ups at all. The weekend market that used to run near me has closed down and i'm not sure if it's reopening. It may have moved but i'm not sure where to! Really need to start finding new places to find games as I feel that my current sources are beginning to run dry.

Picked up a few PS2 and Wii games for $2 each, some I already have and will resell and the others i'll hang on to. Never actually played the Jak and Daxter or Monster Hunter games so glad I picked these up. Always been a fan of adventure/3D platform games so one day I'll find the time to play them! Also picked up another game i've been after for a bit, Blue Dragon. I have no idea if it's any good or not but i'm willing to give it a crack.

The only unusual game I scored this week was Star Craft 64! Actually very lucky that I even got it as I purchased it online and it was sent to the wrong address! Luckily the people sent it back and it got posted back out to me. I spent a LOT of time playing this game when it first came out, however I only played on PC. I think the console version is a bit clunky.. I just wanted it to add to the collection!