Game Pickups Week 2 June 2016

Okay, a pretty standard week of pick ups this week. Mostly bargains and nothing amazingly special (yet). I left the price tags on most of these because I watched an interesting collection video and the guy said he leaves all the price tags on because they tell a cool story about the game and how it was obtained. I thought that was cool.. I think i'll peel them off still, but left them on for the photo at least. First image is a bunch of assorted random games and a really unique Nintendo DS internet browser. This allows you to use Opera browser on a DS to browse the internet. Pretty neat little idea. I'm not actually sure if it even works any more? I'll have to give it a go later! The Destiny and Elder Scrolls were a bit of a goof up on my behalf. Someone on Facebook was offering to trade Fallout 4 and Farcry 3 for Destiny and Elder Scrolls and I knew somewhere selling them for $5 each so I grabbed them thinking this would be an awesome trade.. However when I messaged and said I couldn't drop them off until after the weekend, they pulled out of the trade. Ah well..

A neat little stack of PS2 and XBox games for $2-3 each. Some classic titles like MGS3, Spyro and Mafia, but also some weird ones like Air Ranger Rescue. I've actually never heard of it and I looked at the back of the cover and the game looked absolutely terrible.. so I had to grab it!

Another neat stack, this time of PS3 games for $5-10. Nothing amazing here really, just some standard games. Good score on the Ratchet and Clank game plus the Mafia 2 Steelbook edition. The steelbook edition has the soundtrack disc that looks like a record, which I thought was pretty cool!

Last pile is a whole bunch that I got from a donation shop. They were all $2-3 each so they were priced amazingly. Coolest pick up here was Kingdom Hearts for Gameboy Advance! Boxed with manual and insert, actually in really great condition! Super happy with this find. Also the Pokemon and Kid Icarus games at an absolute steal of a price that I just could not go past. That's it for now. My big massive eBay find is still on the way, so I will post on that one as soon as it arrives!