Game Pickups Week 2 November 2016

Some awesome finds this week! I haven't added many new games to my Gamecube collection for a while now, over 250 games so there are only a few i'm missing. So first up a huge thanks to my buddy Pat at Cash Converters who sent me a message when they got in some Gamecube games that I didn't have in my collection. Added Pokemon Channel and Mario Party 5 and also picked up some others that were relatively cheap. I also picked up Mario Bros for DS, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter 3. A bit pricey on the Monster hunter but I sold a copy at $49 on the same day I found this, so I thought if I can do it once I can do it again!

After that I decided to check out the local charity shops as i've never been to the ones in that area before and i'm VERY glad that I did. First pick up was a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy for Wii... for $5! This is a $70 game so a very nice find. At the charity shop around the corner I also picked up a Professor Layton game for $4 and also an XBox for $20 - not shown in this photo as i've currently pulled it apart to try and figure out why the CD tray won't stay closed! Not having much luck with buying consoles lately.. On my way home I stopped at the local pawn shop and their games are still $5 each so I grabbed two Lego XBox games and Sonic Generations. Gonna keep the Sonic game and flip the others.

Also got a nice pile of 3DS consoles at the moment! They are selling kinda slow so i'm a bit worried. I have around $2000 worth of consoles in stock at the moment so I'm hoping they sell soon. I picked up two special edition Monster Hunter consoles for $180 each, going to try and move them for $250 each. The regular ones were only $140 each and will do them for the usual $220. Some are missing the stylus though, so i'm gonna have to try find some on eBay.. Speaking of eBay, I picked up some nice stuff online this week. I finally got a copy of Dragon Quest for PS2 - I paid a little bit for it - $15 but it's for my collection so i'm happy. Got two copies of Pokemon Crystal, one for $39 and the other for $15. I've had no problems selling these for $80-$90 any day of the week and one of them even has a brand new battery so I don't even have to replace it! Last but not least I got a red Gameboy Micro online for $30! These vary a lot in price, from $60 to $120 and are not exactly the most desirable console but I really like them! I don't actually have one in my collection because the last one I cam across was very badly scratches and I passed on it, so I was excited to grab this one.

More new stuff coming next week! I'm thinking of doing an eBay sales report post, just for funsies. I actually did over $10,000 in sales last month, which is a personal record for me. We'll see how I go!