Game Pickups Week 2 October 2016

New week, new pick ups! Not as many awesome finds as last week but still enough to make a post. I want to get these up on eBay straight away so I thought I would make this post rather than hold them for another week.

I picked up up a few quick flip games like Crash Bash ($20), Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 ($12 each), Mario Kart ($7) which I will easily double my money on, plus some more PS1 games, Theme Park World and Resident Evil Outbreak for $4 each. I also found some awesome XBox games, Jedi Academy and Knights of the Old Republic 2 for $4 each too - which sell for a LOT more - but I really want to hang on to those! They also had Knights of the Republic 1 but no case for it unfortunately.. These all came from a local pawn shop.

My online pick ups this week were Marvel Super Heroes and Lego Chima for $8 each - nothing amazing but I feel that kids games sell really well so I grabbed them to try flip them quickly. Also managed to pick up a Pokemon game for $12, which should sell relatively quickly with both the Pokemon Go craze and the new Pokemon game coming out very soon. Finally I grabbed another copy of Splatoon for $20 - it's still a fairly new and popular game and is selling for around $40 but i've found with these new games that you have to sell them on immediately as the price does drop quickly.

Finally I went for a bit of a visit to a few local charity shops - firstly I found a Wii Console with some remotes, but I also found some other interesting items. I've been watching some videos on Youtube by a full time eBay re-seller by the name of Cora who has given me some ideas of other things to resell. I've been considering lately branching out in to selling other items and possibly spending more time selling and potentially doing it full time. I picked up a Lego Board game, it was only $3 and it looked like most of the pieces were there (turns out they were) and it sells for around $50 so I took a gamble on it. It hasn't sold yet, but I did also pick up some Disney dominoes for $2 which HAVE sold, for $30.. I was stunned. I really didn't think they would sell so quickly. Finally I found a teach yourself how to read Japanese book - It was only $1 and I figured if it doesn't sell them I can always read it myself =D

So a big shout out and thank you to Cora for opening my eyes. Definitely going to keep my eyes out for some different items from now on.