Game Pickups Week 3 August 2016

So I know I said it would be bi-weekly now but what the heck, I wanted to show off some of the stuff I got this week. Actually to be honest most of it was purchased last week and delivered this week - these are purely online buys through eBay/Facebook/Retro Stores.

Swings and roundabouts.. Karma returned the favor to me this week after I picked up that faulty Wii U last week.. and what do you know, this week I find another for sale.. this time even cheaper! Only $99! It's only an 8GB console but still a bargain! I wonder if I can go back to the store that had the faulty one and get the 32GB console part for cheaper? Might have to give that a shot on Tuesday. I also picked up from the same store some Wii games, Smash Bros and Super Fruit Fall - I have no idea what this game is but the cover was very colourful so I grabbed it as well as smash bros 3DS and Adventure Time all for $8 each.

I also picked up two Gameboy Color consoles for $20 and $30 each. Because of the Pokemon craze going on right now, these are selling for around $70 so I saw it as an easy way to double my money. I also grabbed the Ninja Turtles fighter from the same store for $20 which is a bit more than I would normally pay but this is a game you don't see very often and I have a bit of a soft spot for TMNT. Last but not least I also grabbed some Wii U games for $10 each and PSP games for $6 each. So it was a bit of a mixed week, a few nice cheap games to add to my collection and few nice money makers mixed in there too. Pretty happy with how the week went!

I said that I would show off my new cabinets and collection once it's all set up. Well, it's not finished yet but I'm going to show off a bit of a sneak preview at least. It's nothing huge, as I've said many times I collect a lot of quality over quantity and unique quirky games mostly. No sports games or call of duty here! The consoles and TV aren't set up yet and there are still a few things in the living room that I need to move to my spare room but don't want to clutter this up just yet.