Game Pickups Week 3 June 2016

Okay so the huge bundle I bought on eBay finally arrived. I was so excited, I ripped it apart to make sure it was all there and all in working order.. because honestly it was too good to be true. I thought there was going to be some sort of catch, but there wasn't!

So the total bundle was $700 which included all of the games shown above, the gameboy advance games plus a Gameboy Advance Console, Gamecube Console, Gameboy reader for Gamecube (no disk unfortunately!) plus a whole bunch of assorted cables, some for the consoles and some spares. I put the pile of Gamecube games in to two stacks, the ones on the left are being added to my collection along with most of the Gameboy games and the ones on the right are being sold. At the time of writing this, most of the games and consoles have already sold. All that's left is Windwaker, Zelda Collectors Edition, Sonic, Resident Evil and Luigi's Mansion. The stuff that's gone has sold for a total of $481. The remaining items to be sold are worth about $250.. meaning that even after keeping all of the games I want, i've still made a profit.. I love finding deals like this! Times like these are why I hunt games.

The rest of the finds this week were quite small. A few PS2 games from the Salvation Army store for $2 each and some Wii and PS3 games from Cash Converters for $4 each. Small compared to the last few weeks but the Gamecube and GBA haul well and truly made up for it.