Game Pickups Week 3 May 2016

So for around two years now I've created a bit of a habit of collecting video games. It started as filling a few holes in my collection like replacing a missing copy of Final Fantasy 12, then turned in to completing full series of games and has now gotten a bit out of control. I don't mind, I have amazing fun doing it and it doesn't cost me very much (if any) because often I pick up a few games I already have in bundles and end up flipping those games for a profit or paying for the rest of the bundle. It does seem to be getting harder and harder to find great games, so I started watching Youtube videos and reading blogs of other collectors to get ideas of where to look. It was only an eventual progression that I started posting stories of my own finds.

This is going to be a bit of a big post, I assure you that normally I do not get anywhere near this much new stuff! This was just an exceptional week. The first lot was an eBay buy. A bundle deal that I got for an absolute bargain price. My brother is a huge fan of Dark Cloud, but never got a chance to play Dark Chronicle so when I saw this bundle selling for less than the price of what it would cost to buy Dark Chronicle I had to grab it. Plus all the other games are classic must-haves, even though I already have Disgaea and FFX, my copies are not the greatest so I will sell those on and replace with these. King's Field IV had no cover unfortunately..

The next lot is a bit of a mixed bag that I picked up from a thrift shop. All of them in amazing condition, except Dark Souls that is missing its manual. I had a chance to grab a copy of Dark Souls a few weeks back but turned it down because I thought I already had it, but apparently I didn't so knowing that I grabbed this one. Never actually played the series but I've watched Dunkey playing it a lot and it looks hilarious, plus I jumped in on the Dark Souls Board Game on Kickstarter so I thought I better play the games! Also with the PSP games was a white PSP 3001 console. I already have two PSP's, but I thought what the hell.. it's white!

Another thrift shop bundle. No amazing titles but they were all $3 each so I couldn't go past them. Plus the Guitar Hero Metallica came with the Metallica wireless guitar! I don't know where my PS2 guitar went, I think the buttons might have worn out from extreme over-use so I threw it out.. so I'm glad I've replaced it. I also picked up a boxed PS3 Singstar Mic set that will probably get re-sold because I don't want me neighbors to murder me in my sleep.

This one was a Facebook buy/sell page score. They had a bunch of N64 games and Pokemon games for $10 each but a lot were spoken for. Old games tend to sell super fast on Facebook! Snapped these two up as quickly as I could. Yet another Pokemon game to gut and fill up my Pokebank.

Last but not least is this curious little device. It's a modem for the Gamecube that allowed you to play (very few) games online. It is practically worthless, but the Gamecube is one of my favourite systems to collect for and it was cheap, okay.. don't judge me!

I know I've been slack with posting content but I'll hopefully keep up with posting gaming pick up articles at least once a month, depending on how many things I get maybe more.