Game Pickups Week 3 October 2016

Alright i'm going to make this a quick post as I just realized how late it is and need to sleep but wanted to make sure I do this first! A VERY incredible haul this week.

So It's about 2 weeks now since the pawn shop near me burnt down - so I thought I would check out the smaller one nearby. Normally they don't have much, but when they do it's REALLY cheap - like absurdly cheap. See we have a law here that any goods sold to a pawn broker has to be kept for 2 weeks before it's sold just in case it's stolen. So, hence why today was the day I decided to check them out.. and i'm fucking glad that I did. All of their Wii Games were $5 each - Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and Sonic/Lego Indiana Jones. As well as Super Mario bros for DS and Wii U for $8 each. They also had the PS4 version of Final Fantasy X for $19 but I got them down to $15. This one I could resell for $40-50 but I want to keep it.. It was one of my favourite Final Fantasy games. This was one incredibly profitable trip - i'll definitely have to keep checking these guys out.

Online purchases this week included some tried and tested resellable games; Mario Kart 7, Smash Bros 3DS for $6 each. Plus a bit of a gamble; A New 3DS Hyrule Edition for $195. Now, I normally sell my 3DS consoles for $220 - and after fees postage that turns in to about $190 coming my way so hence why this one is a gamble. However, I know that this console retailed for $250 and sold out VERY quickly (because I tried to pre-order one!) and they are selling for around $300-350 on eBay so I'm going to put it up for $320 and try my luck. I also scored Pokemon Heart Gold for $15.. yes.. $15. It was cartridge only but I had an empty case that I got for free, so I've put it online for $189 and hoping the Pokemon craze is not quite over yet.

Now, the remaining games - some amazing hidden gem 3DS games - Senran Kagura, Etrian Odyssey x 3, Persona Q, Tales of the Abyss and Legend of Legacy. These were all on an online auction site for $20 each. When I saw them I noticed that someone else actually had ALL of them in their basket, preventing me from buying them. I knew roughly when they get automatically removed from their basket so I waited patiently - but the sneaky fuckers quickly re-added them. I had to act quickly, so I modified my auto-buying script to be an auto-refresher/buyer. I left it running until about 1am and sniped every single game from the little bastard. It was about $150 delivered for the whole lot, if I was to sell these games I would get WELL over double that back. There are some AUS-PAL copies of Senran Kagura alone going for near $200 on eBay. Unfortunately i'm not selling any of them - but i'm just as happy to add them all to my collection.