Game Pickups Week 3 September 2016

What a week! Week 2 of September was really quiet, with almost no pick ups. Then all of a sudden in week 3 I just found one amazing find after another. I've completely drained my Paypal account this month with all the things i've bought, but hopefully I can start to sell some this week and make it back.

Okay so first up I scored the Nintendo 3DS ($129), Mario Kart ($10), Duke Nukem ($10), Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ($5), Kingdom Hearts DS ($15), Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros ($19) Windwaker HD ($19) and the Snes Control ($10) all online with my auto-buying script. So okay some of these were maybe not that cheap, specifically the windwaker and dream team bros... but I have wanted both of those games for quite some time and I still paid probably half what they are selling for and those game will most likely only increase in price over time so I'm really happy with those purchases. I also grabbed a bunch of PSP and Wii games for $4-5 each. No huge name titles really.. I was super shocked when I saw the Fire Emblem for $5 though! It's easily a $100+ game! I also grabbed the Duke Nukem from the same place to save on postage and a few other games but they haven't arrived yet for this post.

I've also been checking out the second hand stores a lot more frequently recently. At the Salvation Army store near my work I found a few crappy Wii and PS2 titles for $2, but at the one closer to home I walked in and noticed there were some more Wii and XBox games but nothing special, so I assumed someone else had already picked them clean. I proceeded to the back of the store to check if there was anything else and managed to find a huge bundle of Wii accessories for $10. I saw there were 2 controllers with the motion plus adaptor in there so I bought the whole bundle and just kept the controllers. Then I noticed hidden on the shelf was a boxed original XBox console! The corners had a little bit of damage but everything was there; the console, controller, foam inserts, plastic covers and instruction manual and paperwork. I paid $60 for it, and I usually see XBox consoles selling for $40-50 but very rarely do I ever see any in a box so I grabbed this one. Then on my way to post some of the things i've sold this week I went to check out a second hand store and found they had a whole bunch of XBox 360 games in. First game I saw was Digimon All-Star Rumble which I knew the PAL version was hard to find and going for around $40-50, then I spotted Tales of Vesperia which again I knew was quite a pricey game ($30-40). I grabbed those two then looked for a third as this store used to do buy 2 get 1 free, but the promo had ended but I thought I would try and score a freebie. Picked up Ninety-nine Nights 2, which I have no idea what it is, if it's any good.. but it's not a title I see often and I couldn't find anything else. They wouldn't do the free game, but I got them for $20 for the lot which is about $7 a game - for around $80 of games that's pretty good! Will definitely keep my eyes on those small second hand stores a lot more often now.