Game Pickups Week 3+4 February 2017

Alright so I missed doing an update last weekend.. not because I was lazy for a change, but because I was a bit incapacitated. I was riding home from a friends place and a car decided to knock me off the road. I was in hospital all weekend with fractured my ribs and have been in considerable pain all week. But, as usual, it hasn't stopped me from hunting for games..

Some absolutely awesome pick ups this fortnight. When it rains it absolutely pours.. Somehow I got 3 copies of Mario Kart 64, 3 copies of Yoshis Island DS and 2 copies of Smash 64.. No idea what the fuck i'm going to do with all of that.. Maybe bundle it with some consoles I have? I also picked up a NES and Gamecube plus some NES games for an absolute bargain.. The NES was $40... it worked but the pins needed a GOOD clean/bend.. I spent probably an hour cleaning it out and replaced the top cover with another one I had in spares. The Gamecube was $50. The real scores were the games though.. Excitebike, Flintstones, Adventures of Link, Goldeneye and Secret of Mana... $10-15 each. I couldn't pass these up! Glad to have a boxed copy of Secret of Mana for my collection now.

What else.. Oh yeah, I got Skyrim for $10. I think the store mistook it for Elder Scrolls Online and priced it at $10.. Maybe i'll keep it, maybe i'll flip it. It will eventually come down to be a $10 game so most likely i'll flip it. Also got a copy of Super Luigi Bros for Wii U! It was only $20! This game has skyrocketed in price as it was discontinued so i'm glad to grab it before it goes out of my budget. Also got Oracle of Seasons which completes my set of those two. Actually with these two Zelda purchases, there's only 2 more Zelda games I don't own! Getting close!

I'm not really going to go over the other stuff.. A very wide variety of PS2, PS3, Wii and PSP games - all starting at $2 and nothing over $6. Probably about 3/4 of it was added to my collection while the rest if flip fodder. The PSP games were a bit of a laugh.. I found them at a charity shop and took them to the front counter. They had no prices on them but they are usually relatively cheap at that store so I didn't question it. I put them on the counter and the girl looked at me and asked "How much are they?" I just looked back and said "Well hopefully you can tell me!" with a laugh. She said.. "Hmmmm.. $10". For the lot? Okay. I'm not going to argue!

That's it for today. I also picked up a PS4 slim for $175 but I couldn't fit it in the photo. Probably going to be playing a few games on that while I do my best to recover..