Game Pickups Week 4 June/Week 1 July 2016

Okay so I was a bit lazy last weekend.. I had some other stuff to catch up on, but that did not stop me from buying games! I'm going to combine the last 2 weeks in to one post, which is kinda hectic because they were such big weeks because of.. something cool.. I'll explain more later!

So I've created a mountain of games in the first photo. I thought I would combine in all just to make it easier and I can describe the stacks. The first stack on the left, the 3DS games, were all games that were just out of my price range, but the store had a half price on Wednesdays/Saturdays so I grabbed the whole lot! $15-30 each with the priciest being Kingdom Hearts which is quite a score. What's up with finding lots of Kingdom Hearts games lately? Some really nice games here to be honest. I've actually been playing the New Super Mario and Donkey Kong games the last few days and have been really enjoying them. I'll come back to the second stack in just a sec. The third and fourth stacks are things I found at random stores, Cash Converters, Salvos and Vinnies and are all $1 - $4.. Yeah the Gears of War 2 is still sealed in plastic.. Nothing super amazing, some easy flips like Jak/Ratchet and Clank. Red Steel and Mario Tennis for Wii were $2 each and I was surprised I didn't have them in my collection already so in they go.

Now on to the 2nd stack. You might notice that it's a bit varied.. No it wasn't a bundle, they were all purchased separately. See, I buy a lot of stuff online; eBay, auction sites, Facebook, etc. However I miss a lot of really great bargains because of other collectors or re-sellers grabbing them first and with me working all day it leaves me at a disadvantage. So, what did I do? I made a script that analyzes a bunch of websites, matches keywords that I have configured and either buys the item or sends me a message alerting me and I can grab it. Very sneaky, but it works well.. possibly too well! As you can see by the stack! I got a whole bunch of Nintendo games that are worth at least double what I paid for them! I left the price tags on some so you can see, but the ones you cant; Gamecube Games $10 each, Mario All Stars Anniversary $40, Wii U games $7 each, Pokemon games $19 each, SNES games $19 each, Perfect Dark $9, Boxed Mint Gameboy Color $40 and the Hyrule New 3DS $160. Absolutely insane! I will put up an article with the whole script soonish!

Two more photos from last weeks haul. I was lazy as hell that week.. all of these games came from the same half price sale that I went to earlier. (I noticed that I took the photos of the 3DS games twice..) I grabbed some PS4 games at half price and have already resold most of them.. which actually paid for the rest of the games haha.