Game Pickups Week 4 October 2016

I got my usual online pickups; New 3DSXL $130, Ocarina of Time $15, Monster Hunter 3 $15, Animal Crossing $15, Pokemon Dash, Black, White and White 2 all around $20 each. I got some newer games too; New Super Mario Bros Wii U $20, Monster Hunter Tri $15 and Mario Maker for $20 - really happy with this one, have been wanting this game for so long now. I love my oldschool platformers and have been hoping to find it at a good price. Speaking of old school, I also got Mario All Stars, Donkey Kong 2, 3 and Diddy Kong Racing all for around $20 each.

That's it for the online pick ups. I hit the charity shops pretty hard this week, but all I found was that copy of Extermination for PS2 and Skylanders Giants on Wii U for $3 each. I did pick up SNK Classics for PSP for $3 from a pawn shop though, was a bit sad they didn't have more but I think I cleaned them out last week.

On my way to work on Saturday I noticed there was a garage sale, so I made a detour to check it out. It sucks working saturdays because I don't get to go to garage sales any more, so I wasn't gonna miss this one. I picked up another copy of Ocarina of Time and Professor Leyton for $10 each. The guy said he had a whole bunch of Nintendo and Xbox games, and that I should come back later to check them out. I went back there in my lunch break and was having a bit of a dig through some mediocre Xbox and Wii games when his son came out and explained that they weren't for sale. I was a bit disappointed, but he did mention that he has some even older Nintendo games in his storage facility that he will bring and sell next week - so i'll definitely be heading back there.

As I mentioned in my last article, I have now found where my local swap meet/market has moved to, so I got up nice and early this morning to drive down there and check them out. I was pretty glad that I did because I found a few sneaky bargains. First pick up was a PS2 Slim with some games, memory cards and controllers. Unfortunately.. the games were FAR too scratched to work, the only playable one was Lego Star Wars. The PS2 is also a bit fiddly with reading disks, and it may need a new laser.. but i'm gonna have a crack at repairing it myself first. Never done it before but what do I have to lose. Just a few stalls down I spotted some more PS2 and Wii games, the guy said $2 each for PS2 and $5 for the Wii games. The only notable PS2 game was one I actually forgot to put in the photo; Xtreme Legends Samurai Warriors. Nothing special but one I don't have so I grabbed it. He also had some loose disks and manuals, one being Parasite Eve 2 and a loose Crash Bandicoot 2 Disk! I know the game is quite pricey and some loose disks are selling for $35-40 on eBay. I offered him $3 for the Samurai Warrors, Crash Bandicoot and Parasite Eve II Manual and he was happy with that and so was I. Checked a few more stands, a LOT of NTSC loose PS1 and 2 disks that didn't really interest me much, as well as a boxed Wii and Guitar that was too expensive. I was nearly about to leave when I spotted Dr. Mario and Waterworld for Gameboy. I offered $5 for each and she accepted. Bargain!

I checked out a few more garage sales on my way home, but most of them opened on Saturday too and had already been picked clean. One advertised that it had a boxed Wii U and games, PSP and games etc so I went there, but they had shut their doors and were done - they sold everything.. Ah well, can't win them all.