Game Pickups Week 4 September 2016

Whoops!! I actually had a huge bundle of pick ups to post on here last week but totally forgot and it's already the weekend again! I actually took the photo and moved them to my "to be listed on eBay" pile but never did an update!

After saying last week that I wanted to check out pawn shops more often, the one near me actually burnt down the next fucking day! Great! Well at least I cleaned out all their bargains before it happened...

So what did I score last week? Another 3DS XL! I now have nearly $2000 worth of 3DS consoles that I need to sell.. My Paypal funds are running dry! I dropped the price of the ones I have listed a little bit so that maybe they sell a bit faster. This one is brand new, in the box.. paid $100, selling for $220. These things are the easiest money i've ever made in my life. I've actually considered hanging on to a few of them for when the new Pokemon game comes out and Christmas time, because i'm pretty sure they will pick up in sales.. but then again, the stores could quickly price drop them so i'd rather move them now. I also picked up some dirt cheap Wii U games from the same store; Smash Bros $15, New Super Mario $9, Donkey Kong $9, Captain Toad $12, Splatoon $9. Unfortunately the only game I already owned was Donkey Kong so i'm keeping the rest and selling Donkey Kong. Normally with new release games I try and flip them as quick as possible, but with these top-name Nintendo games I don't see their price dropping any time soon so I'll hang on to them.

Alright, at another store I picked up a bunch of PSP games for $5 each - not an amazing buy but they're all decent games I wanted to keep. I also picked up Final Fantasy Type 0 for $12, Minecraft for $4, Scribblenauts for $3, Eternal Sonata for $6, Star Trek Conquest for $3 (I have no idea if this game is any good, but it's Bethesda.. so it can't be that bad) and Mario Kart for $5 which all of these are really fast sellers. Got a few nice scores online too; Animal Crossing, Pokemon X, Y, Ruby and White 2 for $20 each as well as Star Fox 3D for $9 and I also grabbed San Francisco Rush for N64. I don't have it already and I remember having some awesome fun playing the stunt mode when I was younger so I wanted to grab it again.

I'll post another update really soon because I had another huge week this week!