Gaming - God Mode

Just added some new God Mode videos to Youtube. It's actually not a bad game considering it was just over $1. It is a little bit buggy in some parts and does need a little bit of polish, mainly the co-op mode crashing where only the host can do anything and the rest stand still. Also the aiming is a bit rough, presumably because it is adapted from a console game. Other than that, it's a great game to play to just blow off steam and have a few laughs with mates. It's not a game you can take too seriously and have to really concentrate to play, so you can pretty much just mindlessly blast your way through hordes of the undead. It's not that exciting to play alone, in fact it's quite painful as the game doesn't scale when you play a map with 1 player or 4. The progression is kind of fun, you unlock new guns and upgrades every few levels so that does encourage a fair bit of replay value, but unfortunately there are only a handful of maps to actually play on so it does get repetitive. The repetition is broken up by little challenges that appear in each zone which do different things, sometimes giving you buffs like infinite ammo, or make it tougher by having 1 invincible enemy or turning friendly fire on.