Harsh Review - Collectorz.com

A bit of a different kind of review here this time. So my collection was approaching 1500 games and I was recently looking to add extra insurance on my collection, just in case something bad ever does happen. But that got me thinking.. I don't really have a very good way of keeping track of what I actually have or what it's all worth, so I set out to find something that can do just that!

Previously I used a website called retrocollect.com which does have its good and bad features, but the bad seem to outweigh the good. Their only good feature is that they are very thorough in creating an accurate list of games that exist. However, because of this they don't have the ability to keep track on new games that just came out or even some older games. At the time of writing this, they don't have a database for PS4/Xbox One/Switch or even older consoles like PS3/360/Wii U. It was only a few months ago that they included a database for USA Nintendo DS games. The website is also really slow and has had security problems in the past... so I decided to look else where.

I checked out quite a few other tools but eventually settled on the app/online database provided by Collectorz.com because they had quite a lot of awesome features. An awesome feature right off the bat was the ability to scan the barcode on the back of the case with your phones camera and it would automatically add it to your collection. This is such an amazing time saving feature especially when i'm adding 20-30 games per week to my collection. The only down side to this is that the actual scanning can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. Sometimes the camera just does not want to focus and other times there are stickers over the barcodes.. which is such a pain in the ass to have to stop scanning to peel off a fucking sticker.. Also you need to be careful as sometimes you scan a barcode and the wrong game gets added. Seemed to be more common with PS1 games, the rest it was a very rare occurrence but it did happen. You can also add them manually if you can't scan the barcode.

The other features it has are pretty standard; online list of games, searchable and sortable list, quick price look up and adding your games or hardware manually if they don't exist in the database. You can also store info on each item such as price paid, date acquired, date you finished the game, if you have the box and manual, the condition and any other notes you want to store. You can do all of these online or on your mobile device, which is incredibly handy.

Finally, the best feature of all; a wish list! I can't you how many times i've watched a video online or read a review on a game and thought, damn I really should pick that game up if I ever see it. Then when I see it I completely forget all about it! With this wish list I can add it and when I check on my phone to see if I already have the game, it will pop up that it's on my wish list and I can grab it.

The app isn't free, but it's not expensive either and does come with a free trial. So if you are looking for something to track your games then I would definitely recommend giving it a try. For now, here is a link to my current collection. Still have to add Nintendo titles to this (it's a daunting task!) but it's mostly complete!

My current game collection on collectorz.com.