Harsh Review - Detective Pikachu

Ok.. here it is. I finally finished this game. It took me some time, because to be honest.. I kept falling asleep while playing it. But the game does have some good parts! Let me explain..

Alright so the voice acting is about a 6/10. Let me get this straight, i've never been the type to be picky about voice acting, but in this game, which is purely driven by story and there are almost zero gameplay elements, it's kinda important to have good characters. Transparent scripts, weak voice acting, it just really brings this game down unfortunately. The completely backwards part was that the supporting characters, the old guy in the detective place and the secretary and some of the characters you meet had really great voice actors and the characters had some good depth. But, the main characters - Tim and Pikachu - were just a bore to listen to. Maybe I went in to this expecting too much, but I feel that Pikachu had so much more potential to be an utter cunt that would have made the game so much funnier. Wasted opportunity if you ask me.

With that out of the way, let's get on to the gameplay. Oh that's right, there is none. Next! Just kidding.. there is a small amount of puzzle solving involved. However, to solve each case.. you pretty much just have to go around talking to NPC's and gather evidence. You can't solve the case until you have gathered the exact pieces of evidence you need.. even if you already know how to solve it without those pieces. Also, sometimes you gather all the pieces.. but the evidence is meaningless, and the culprit is never really clear... Luckily you can just keep smashing the evidence in to the slots and once you piece it together it lets you proceed. Not really any challenge... which is a bit of a shame.

So.. i'm not sure what else to comment on. The graphics and animation were great I suppose? That's a high point of the game I guess. It was pretty cool to see Pokemon used for something other than beating the shit out of each other. The game played out as if it were an episode of the anime. The story was also not too bad in parts. The first chapter was okay, it was introductory and had some funny moments. However the second and third chapters were pretty lacklustre and a bit of a bore. It took me 3 nights to get past chapter 3 because I kept falling asleep. Chapter 4 was equally as boring and the ending pretty awful. However, I was determined and to be honest the quality of the story did pick up from chapters 5-9 with some really funny parts and a pretty cool conclusion. However, the ending was pretty shitty as it leaves so many unresolved questions and unfortunately does lead on to a potential second game.. So I guess i'll be playing that because it's Pokemon and I have to.

Final thoughts.. if you really like detective games, or you really like Pokemon games.. then give this game a shot. Otherwise you're pretty safe to give it a miss. You aren't missing a whole lot.