Harsh Review - Game of Thrones Episode 2

My favourite story driven graphic glitch-fest of a game is back with a new episode. This time with a bonus round of crappy crossbow shooting! Ok, so that was extremely harsh. A lot of things in this game actually did impress me. I will try to review it the best I can without spoiling the story.

The previous episode was amazing and the ending was shocking and unexpected, in true R.R Martin fashion. Well done to the writers on that, however it was a tough act to follow and this episode left me wanting a little bit more. At the end of Episode 1 I was left with an impression of Asher as a mental case, exiled for being too crazy and doing stupid shit. When I finally got to play as him, I was a little bit disappointed. They push you in to trying to take a leadership role and control an army and filling the hole left by Ethan's death. He seemed way too eager to return home to his family that treated him like shit and banished him. That's not the Asher story I expected... I really was expecting a bit more recklessness.

I previously hated playing as Mira in the first episode. Being in King's Landing is horrible. I just feel like I'm walking on egg shells and cannot trust anyone at all, especially that little bitch Sera. It seems like she is always digging for info and trying to get me in to trouble. I'm betting on her working for the Queen, mark my words on that one. Anyway, I digress. Playing as Mira in the second episode was fucking amazing. Taking sides with Tyrion and being a cunt to the Whitehill merchants.. fucking brilliant, I loved it. I think Mira is taking a liking to the King's Landing Game and I love where her story is going. I just hope she lives to continue it!

I don't have much to say about Rodrik and Gared. Their stories were mostly just developing their character, which felt a bit like filler material. After finishing the episode and seeing what choices other players made, I kind of want to make a new save game and make some different choices as those characters.. mainly just to have another crack at Elaena! Then again I want my whole story to play out before starting a new one otherwise it might get confusing.

I have a feeling that if I make a new save, it will play out similarly though. After thinking about the Game of Thrones progression, the beginning always starts with something shocking, followed by slow progression and character development. Which is what we got a lot of in this episode. I was pretty impressed with the character development in this episode, especially Mira. After about mid-season it builds up to some intense shit. So c'mon Telltale! Bring on the next episode!