Harsh Review - Kirby's Epic Yarn

Ok, i'm going to be as harsh as I can with this game.. which is going to be quite hard because I actually kinda enjoyed it.. I picked it up as part of a bulk buy, but the disc had a big scratch in it. Rather than try to sell it at a cheaper price, or send it back for a refund, I decided to play through the entire game to see if the disc had any problems. (Turns out it didn't, in case you were wondering)

So first up i'm going to comment on the controls. It was quite different to past Kirby games, although to be honest the last Kirby game I played was Kirby's Fun Pak on SNES. I have a lot of nostalgia for Kirby games. While a lot of other kids grew up with a NES or Sega, my console of choice was the Gameboy and game of choice were the Kirby games. The jumping and attacking were very different and there was no floating through the air, instead of sucking in enemies, you whip them with a sort of star thing. Instead of flying, you can float through the air in a sort of slow fall motion. The slow fall was VERY frustrating as the controls were a bit wonky here. Holding A keeps you in float form and letting go makes you fall at a normal speed. If you accidentally press the down button, you smash in to the ground.. which took a bit of getting used to. One cool feature though is the "dash" which turns Kirby in to a car and you can zoom along and crash in to enemies. This was pretty cool, though I wish they used it more as a means of getting to certain places rather than just a way to speed you up.

The art style in the game is great, it's colourful and the animations are brilliant. I really don't need to say any more about that, but I do want to touch briefly on the music. I'm at two minds with the music, some of it was great, especially the remixed tracks of the original songs towards the end of the game. However, some of them were unbearably ear piercing and felt very childish.. In fact a lot of the cut scenes were a bit childish too. Which is probably my main gripe with this game.. it was aimed more at kids than adults... Which brings me on to the next subject... the difficulty level.

So not only are a lot of the levels very easy, you can't actually fail them and there are no lives or health bar. Basically you have like a "gem" bar for the gems you collect through the level and at the end of the level, depending on how many you collect you get a rating from Bronze/Silver/Gold. You also cannot die in this game. If you get hit by an enemy, or fall off the map.. you simply drop the gems you have collected. You can even re-collect them, much like the Sonic games. However most of the time you can easily recollect ALL of the gems you lost before they time out. I will admit that the bosses and levels at later stages are a lot harder to clear and you definitely need to put in some effort to get a Gold rating, but unless you are a perfectionist you don't really need to.

Final notes; I do wish there was a harder setting, or the game was a bit more difficult to lengthen the game rather than just repetitive level design. Overall the game took me 7 hours to complete, including all of the special levels, which I think is a decent amount of play time for a single player game. It's definitely a game worth playing if you are a fan of the series, but it's not a must play game. Very kid friendly game, if you wanted to keep the young ones occupied.