Harsh Review - Pokemon Ultra Sun / Moon

Ok, it's time to be harsh again! Lately my harsh reviews have been rough because i've been so time-poor that i've only played good games that are hard to talk shit on. Well, here comes a new challenger! Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon.. Jesus Christ where do I begin with this one..

Yes, i've previously played the original Sun and Moon and to be honest I thought they were ok games. Not amazing by any means but yeah they are a great refresh on the whole franchise and the story was pretty good and the new Pokemon were pretty cool, even the Alolan forms. I thought, well surely they can only improve on it in the ULTRA versions, right? Nope, it's literally the same fucking game with the good parts removed and some alternate ending bullshit thrown in.

The gameplay is solid as always, as all Pokemon games are. Combat mechanics and strategy are excellent. It was however.. very fucking easy. There was no challenge at all and the whole game was pretty much a boring joke. After a while playing the game I got really bored but was dedicated to finish the game, so I played for an hour or two every night and pretty much used the game as a cure for my insomnia. Up until one point; the battle with Ultimate Necrozma. Fuck that guy.. even though my team was 10 levels higher, it still 1 shot every single one of them! Even though the attack was "Not very effective" it still one shot them. I had to farm up some Focus Band's to actually beat the damn thing. I think it's scaling must be off or something..

One of the major downfalls of the game was how badly they butchered the story. The main story line was pretty much the same; travel around and do the trials, save Nebby and eventually go in to the ultra wormhole and beat some ultra beasts. However, they totally screwed over the trials. In the first game they were fun, cute little adventures with a few fun battles and a challenging battle at the end. In this version of the game, the trials are just.. turn up at the trial location, do a random fight or two and then the big fight starts. No story or jokes or fun, just fighting. Fucking boring. The very last trial which was advertised in the trailer as "Wow! Fantastic new Fairy Trial!" was literally just going back to every single old trial and collecting a petal to make a flower. Goddamn filler content..

Overall the game was just a bit of a let down. It was "Black and White 2" all over again. Literally a copy and paste of the original game, then take out all things that made the original cool.

Let's hope Detective Pikachu is an improvement..