MS-DOS Games Archive Personal Picks

It was just announced on Gizmodo that has added 2322 games to their internet library archive. All of these games are free to play directly in your browser right now. They run pretty well and best of all you won't be breaking any copyright rules. There is a lot of junk in there to sift through, but a lot of gems too. Luckily, I am a retro game filtering expert. I have taken some time to write up a list of some of the best games, my childhood favourites and the must-plays of this library.

I'm sure I've missed a LOT as I just quickly went over this list, so feel free to check them all out yourself.

3D Pitfall - Top-Down game of Tetris, really fun.
Amaze - A maze. Nuff said.
Barbarian - Extremely frustrating platformer. You will want to kill someone after playing this.
Bubble Bobble - If you have never played this, god have mercy on your soul.
Bust-A-Move - The game that inspired probably 90% of mobile games.
Commander Keen 5 - The last? I think? In the Commander Keen series.
Cool Spot - I first played this on Sega Megadrive. Amazing Platformer.
Aladdin - Arguably the best DOS platformer.
Double Dragon - Frustrating side scroller-fighting game similar to Battletoads.
Fellowship of the Ring - Oh Joel. You made this game amazing for me.
Frogger - If you have never played this, god have mercy on your soul.
Fury of the Furries - All I remember of this game is how fucking frustrating it was to get the CD working and I wanted to go back to 3.5 inch floppy disks.
Ghosts n Goblins - Another SNES masterpiece.
Home Alone - I remember hours of hilarity in this game, setting up traps and baiting out the burglars.
Hocus Pocus - An Apogee classic. I think Randy Pitchford worked on this game?
In Search of Dr. Riptide - Another frustrating puzzle platformer, you will love/hate it.
Jazz Jackrabbit - Awesome DOS Platformer! I'm sure everyone remembers this one.
Jill of the Jungle - I found this game on a disk at a swap meet, loaded it up on my 386 and it was glorious.
Leisure Suit Larry - This game came out when I was 1. So, I'm not sure why my parents allowed me to play it when I was younger. All I remember is trying to bang every girl I spoke to.
Lemmings 2 - If you have never played this, god have mercy on your soul.
Lion King - Arguably the best DOS platformer. Rival to Aladdin. Made by the same people!
Prince of Persia - Similar to Barbarian. Frustrating platformer that makes you want to kill the devs.
Rolling Ronny - My friend in primary school was obsessed with this game, so much that we hunted it down in the early 2000's to play it again and it wasn't that great. Worth putting here for the story.
Santas Xmas Caper - Not sure why this game was amazing. But I remember Santa bouncing on Jelly was humorous as a child.
SimCity - The game that started EA's worldwide domination.
Skunny - Back to the Forest - Pretty fun really oldschool platformer. There's also some spin-off games too.
Street Fighter II - This game started it for fighting games. Marvel vs Capcom, Mortal Kombat, none of those games would exist if this wasn't so popular.
Tyrian - Not the Lannister. A fun top down shooter.
Wolfenstein 3D - This game started first person shooters. No other game would exist without this!