Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge Part 1

So a little while back, Nintendo re-released the original Pokemon games for digital download. Nostalgic me wanted to play through these games again, but challenge-loving me wanted to do it hard mode. Because somehow I forgot that these games were actually already considerably hard without adding the Nuzlocke rules to them! If you don't know what those rules are, you can check out this article on Bulbapedia. I also added some additional rules including no running from battles, you cannot catch duplicate Pokemon (eg; Two Pidgeys) and no keeping Pokemon give to you (Starters, Lapras, etc) which, does end up biting me in the ass..

Because it's Pokemon Yellow, I get the comfort of starting with a Pikachu. Even though the first gym has Rock Pokemon, this doesn't bother me too much as long as I catch some grass Pokemon before I get there. So after kicking Gary's ass, I get to see who my first partner is.... Pidgey! Hooray? Some extra help against Brock... No Pokemon to catch in Viridian city so I immediately head west and pray to god I find a Mankey. Unfortunately, it's a Nidoran M but that's not so bad because they do learn Double Kick at level 12.. I have no choice but to grind him up as high as I can. After catching a Caterpie in Viridian forest, and kicking (pun sort-of intended) Brock's ass, I headed through Mount Moon. Somehow I managed to kill every single wild pokemon along the way, so no new additions to the team. Not that I wanted a Zubat anyway.. Nidoran is now a Nidoking though, which is pretty bad ass! He is wrecking things pretty hard.

After adding a Sandshrew to my party, I made my first fuck up. My impatience of smashing the A button did not pay off and I accidentally replaced Thunderbolt with Double Team.. I need Pikachu for Misty, so I had to level him up to get Thunder, I had no choice. I continually leveled him up on wild encounters around Cerulean City... until. Critical Hit. Pikachu was dead. My first loss of this game and it had to be the Pokemon I needed the most. So much wasted leveling time but I had no option but to do the same thing with my Nidoking. It paid off, he absolutely destroyed Misty and her shitty star fish. Again I made it all the way to the Rock Tunnel entrance without catching any new Pokemon, seriously fucking Pidgeys are everywhere.. Luckily I got that Sandshrew or I wouldn't have been able to learn Cut! Then it dawned on me. Just before entering the cave, I realized.. oh shit, I don't have a Pokemon with Flash. I ran in to the bushes hoping to get a Magnemite.. nope. Nidoran F. At least Nidoking has a new friend?

I stumbled my way painfully through the Rock Tunnel in the dark, catching a Geodude along the way, I made it to Lavender town and on to Celadon after adding a Spearow to the group too. It felt like my team was coming together, even though they were the most generic Pokemon in all existence. I realized that I'm going to need to level the crap out of Butterfree to beat the Celadon gym, so I cleaned up Team Rocket and headed over to Saffron beating all the trainers along the way. I'm not sure why I thought it would be a wise idea to take my level 23 Butterfree in to the fighting gym in Saffron. Maybe because I thought Psychic vs Fighting, I got this.. But didn't realize their Pokemon were 8 levels higher than mine. Butterfree got a quick karate chop to the face before curling up in a little ball and dying. The scene from the anime popped in to my head, where Ash lost his Butterfree.. Oh man, now I understand why he cried..

I had to rely on Pidgeot to take down the gym, which surprisingly worked really well! Pidgeot became my new best friend, along with Nidoqueen that I taught Bubblebeam and Thunderbolt to. Seriously Nidoqueen can learn almost any move! We demolished Team Rocket again and got the Sylph Scope and headed up the Pokemon Tower to catch a Gastly and used the Pokeflute to catch a Snorlax. I was scared as fuck to fight the Psychic gym now though, so I decided to head to Fuchsia first and tackle the Poison gym with my newly evolved Graveller. Along the way I catch a Ponyta (thank fuck I finally have a Fire Pokemon) and Bellsprout (and grass!) so now my team consists of; Pidgeot, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Graveller, Sandshrew and Ponyta with Spearow, Gastly, Snorlax and Bellsprout in storage. With very few locations left to catch new Pokemon, this is most likely the team I will be fighting the Elite 4 with.. if I make it that far.

First thing I did upon getting to Fuchsia city was check out the Safari Zone! I really needed a Pokemon that could learn surf, or preferably a Dratini! So I avoided all the grass and ran straight for the water.. threw my rod in.. and.. Dratini! Holy shit! I threw some bait.. it nibbled. I threw a ball. It didn't catch it but it didn't run.. I threw another ball...and.. it ran.. No. I needed that! So badly! Distraught with disappointment I headed straight for the Fuchsia gym, confident that Graveller would take no damage from the Poison attacks. I was right, they did nothing. He Earthquaked them one after another leaving a trail of dead Venonats behind him until he faced the final Venomoth. A ridiculous level 50 Venomoth to my level 40 Graveller.. the Earthquake left it with a tiny bit of health remaining and then.. Psybeam. Fucking PSYBEAM? Graveller got 1-shot. Send back to the earth from whence he came. I finished it off with Nidoking and left the gym. Well fuck, how am I gonna face the Psychic gym now? I think at this moment I gave up on the game. I immediately flew straight to the gym and ran in. I pretty much expected to lose here and get a total party wipe.. but luck finally was in my favor. Pidgeot dodged all of the attacks with Fly and landed critical hits every time! I have absolutely no idea how, but I beat the Gym! I was renewed with vigor. I can do this! This is the hardest Nuzlocke challenge to date, but I can beat this! I just have to get to Cinnabar Island and beat the Gym there! Ok.. so... I'll just teach Surf to my water Pokemon... ah.. FUCK...

To be continued...