Very Last Game Pickups Update

Okay so I actually took this photo and wrote an entire story about it 2 months ago on the way to Comic Con.. but my phone decided not to save it and that kinda made me not want to write it all over again haha.

I've also had a bit of a problem of games building up and covering my entire floor because I wait a week or two before taking a group shot and uploading it. It was also making me not enjoy putting the excess games up on eBay because there was always so many to do at once.. The whole mess made me a bit upset with collecting games in general. So i've decided from now on to stop making these posts and instead put my pick ups on Twitter or Instagram or something like that. I'll work it out soon..

So for this bundle, there were some good finds. The Wii U games were from a buy and sell page and I only wanted the Yoshi's Wooly World but ended up buying the whole lot because it was just so cheap.. I ended up selling the rest so it worked out that I got the Yoshi game for free. Another cool game i've wanted for a while was Lollipop Chainsaw and I walked in to a charity shop and they had it for $5 - they also had Knights of the Old Republic too but that's in another photo. The DS games were all bargains - Chrono Trigger for $6, Tales of the Abyss and Cubic Ninja for $15. I decided to keep this Cubic Ninja, unlike the last copy I had.. it's value has dropped since you don't need it to mod the 3DS any more. Also finally added Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic 2 and Axelay to my collection. Never really had any desire to grab them before, but they were cheap enough so I picked them up this time.

The rest is pretty average trade fodder.. Mario Kart, Pokemon, a 3DS, the usual stuff that trades for good prices and was really cheap to pick up.

Now, there was another photo and a few more pick ups that I haven't mentioned in this post.. some very epic, including Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, Snowboard Kids 2 and other highly sought after games.. but I think i'll wait until I work out my new pick up posting idea until I post those.

So that's it for pick ups for now.. i'm hoping to actually post some game reviews and videos here like I used to so long ago. I've had quite a lot of free time lately and i've been playing a lot more games than I usually do. Like Starbound, Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and also finished Final Fantasy 15 so i'm keen to put up some reviews of those games soon!