Harsh Review - Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Alright i'm gonna be straight up on the harsh part of this review. The translation sucked. It felt like watching a really badly subtitled anime most of the time, except in English. It made me wonder.. did the voice actors ever question what the hell they were saying? Did they ever get sick of saying the words "Ancient Species"? Who thought of the name "Archeozoic Big Hole"?.... Actually, I don't want the answer for the last one. The voice overs were very jarring at times, it really took away from the game a lot of the immersion. However, that is the end of the harsh review!

Harsh Review - Kirby's Epic Yarn

Ok, i'm going to be as harsh as I can with this game.. which is going to be quite hard because I actually kinda enjoyed it.. I picked it up as part of a bulk buy, but the disc had a big scratch in it. Rather than try to sell it at a cheaper price, or send it back for a refund, I decided to play through the entire game to see if the disc had any problems. (Turns out it didn't, in case you were wondering)

Board Game Review - Arkham Horror: The Dunwich Legacy

It's been a little while since i've posted on here! I've had my plate pretty full and haven't had much chance to sit down and write. Doesn't mean I haven't been keeping up with my gaming quota however. The latest game i've had the opportunity to play with my regular board gaming group is Arkham Horror, specifically the Dunwich Legacy expansion.

Game Pickups Week 3+4 February 2017

Alright so I missed doing an update last weekend.. not because I was lazy for a change, but because I was a bit incapacitated. I was riding home from a friends place and a car decided to knock me off the road. I was in hospital all weekend with fractured my ribs and have been in considerable pain all week. But, as usual, it hasn't stopped me from hunting for games..

Game Pickups Week 1 February 2017

Well my memory and organizational skills are lacking this week.. I just realized the controllers I got last week were put in this weeks photo. What an idiot.. It's mainly because I have SO MUCH STUFF right now and nowhere to put it. I'm running out of room once again.. I need to get more shelves for my cupboards. I've found someone on Gumtree selling some so i'll try grab them this week.

Game Pickups December/January 2017

Holy shit what a hectic end of year.. I was so busy with work, Christmas, New Years, more work.. I'm not even sure how I found time to look for games, but I did. Trust me, I did. I have photos to prove it. I may not have been making articles each week, but I still took the photos. I think some items were duplicates in the photos (Pokemon Yellow and a demo disk) - this is because I currently have shit everywhere my place is getting way too full and I need to tidy it up.

Game Pickups Week 4 November 2016

Okay it has been a little while since I've done an update. Actually I wasn't finding very much.. and then all of a sudden I was finding games everywhere! Picked up some massive hauls.. Then I spent a heap of time putting the duplicates up for sale, listed nearly 100 things on eBay. Plus I've been spending heaps of time playing Pokemon Sun, so I haven't been keeping up with updates.. time to fix that!

Game Pickups Week 2 November 2016

Some awesome finds this week! I haven't added many new games to my Gamecube collection for a while now, over 250 games so there are only a few i'm missing. So first up a huge thanks to my buddy Pat at Cash Converters who sent me a message when they got in some Gamecube games that I didn't have in my collection. Added Pokemon Channel and Mario Party 5 and also picked up some others that were relatively cheap. I also picked up Mario Bros for DS, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter 3.