Board Game Review - Kingdom Death

Finally getting a chance to review one of the most enjoyable co-op board games I've played to date. A friend of mine found it on Kickstarter and jumped in. I missed out but eventually bought a copy of my own to play. Kingdom Death is described by it's creator Adam Poots as a "Boutique Survival Horror" game. Well to be honest there's plenty of horror, but not much survival! This game is fucking brutal! I've played through 3 full games now, each progressing a bit further than the last but never successfully "beating" the game.

Game Pickups July 2016

I've been so lazy at posting updates for my game collection over the last few weeks.. mainly because i've been playing Pokemon Go! I'm so addicted to that game, so much that on my days off I drive for an hour and a half to meet up with friends to walk around a park catching Pokemon. The whole concept is insane, but it's fun and I love it!

Game Pickups Week 4 June/Week 1 July 2016

Okay so I was a bit lazy last weekend.. I had some other stuff to catch up on, but that did not stop me from buying games! I'm going to combine the last 2 weeks in to one post, which is kinda hectic because they were such big weeks because of.. something cool.. I'll explain more later!

Game Pickups Week 2 June 2016

Okay, a pretty standard week of pick ups this week. Mostly bargains and nothing amazingly special (yet). I left the price tags on most of these because I watched an interesting collection video and the guy said he leaves all the price tags on because they tell a cool story about the game and how it was obtained. I thought that was cool.. I think i'll peel them off still, but left them on for the photo at least. First image is a bunch of assorted random games and a really unique Nintendo DS internet browser. This allows you to use Opera browser on a DS to browse the internet.

Game Pickups Week 1 June 2016

Okay so I know I said last time that it was a bit of an unusual week that I scored so many great things, but it seems this week has been just as crazy! Maybe it's to do with the economy or something, I don't know! But what I do know is that I've had some amazing pick ups this week.

Game Pickups Week 3 May 2016

So for around two years now I've created a bit of a habit of collecting video games. It started as filling a few holes in my collection like replacing a missing copy of Final Fantasy 12, then turned in to completing full series of games and has now gotten a bit out of control. I don't mind, I have amazing fun doing it and it doesn't cost me very much (if any) because often I pick up a few games I already have in bundles and end up flipping those games for a profit or paying for the rest of the bundle.

Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge Part 1

So a little while back, Nintendo re-released the original Pokemon games for digital download. Nostalgic me wanted to play through these games again, but challenge-loving me wanted to do it hard mode. Because somehow I forgot that these games were actually already considerably hard without adding the Nuzlocke rules to them! If you don't know what those rules are, you can check out this article on Bulbapedia.

Board Game Review - Walking Dead

Almost a year since any new posts on this website? What's going on? Well, i'll get to that in another post, but for a short answer - i've not been gaming anywhere near as much as I used to. Instead I've been playing a lot of board games lately! I've been meaning to come back and write some new content and I thought, what better way than with a board game review!