Harsh Review - 8-Bit Boy

The more I played this game, the more it felt like Wonderboy. But that's not exactly a compliment. What I mean is, the controls are a bit clunky for a platformer, but once you get used to them the game is not half bad, considering I got it for $0.16 in those Steam auctions. I decided to finish it and review it anyway.

Duels of the Planeswalkers - Battle Mastery Achievement

Lately I have had this little obsession over 100% finishing every game, including getting every achievement. One that frustrated me a little was "Battle Mastery" from Magic 2015, until I found a nice way of getting it. So I thought I'd share it.

Harsh Review - Game of Thrones Episode 2

My favourite story driven graphic glitch-fest of a game is back with a new episode. This time with a bonus round of crappy crossbow shooting! Ok, so that was extremely harsh. A lot of things in this game actually did impress me. I will try to review it the best I can without spoiling the story.

MS-DOS Games Archive Personal Picks

It was just announced on Gizmodo that Archive.org has added 2322 games to their internet library archive. All of these games are free to play directly in your browser right now. They run pretty well and best of all you won't be breaking any copyright rules. There is a lot of junk in there to sift through, but a lot of gems too. Luckily, I am a retro game filtering expert.

Bringing out the cunt in me playing Town of Salem

Pretty pissed off at my friend Bria lately.. because she introduced me to this fucking game that has stolen my life. My first night of playing I just could not stop. I noticed the time ticking 1am, 2am.... 5am. It was a continuous case of "just one more game!".

Gaming - God Mode

Just added some new God Mode videos to Youtube. It's actually not a bad game considering it was just over $1. It is a little bit buggy in some parts and does need a little bit of polish, mainly the co-op mode crashing where only the host can do anything and the rest stand still. Also the aiming is a bit rough, presumably because it is adapted from a console game. Other than that, it's a great game to play to just blow off steam and have a few laughs with mates.

Pokemon Omega Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge

Image by Coldfire0007

So because I didn't have enough on my plate with reading Guardians of the Galaxy, Walking Dead, and playing Bioshock Infinite and Borderlands Pre Sequel, I thought I would buy the new Pokemon game. I really didn't enjoy the last generation of games and the only reason I actually finished X was because I was on an 18 hour flight to Japan and had nothing else to do. This time though, I am undertaking the Nuzlocke Challenge.