game collection

Game Pickups Week 2 June 2016

Okay, a pretty standard week of pick ups this week. Mostly bargains and nothing amazingly special (yet). I left the price tags on most of these because I watched an interesting collection video and the guy said he leaves all the price tags on because they tell a cool story about the game and how it was obtained. I thought that was cool.. I think i'll peel them off still, but left them on for the photo at least. First image is a bunch of assorted random games and a really unique Nintendo DS internet browser. This allows you to use Opera browser on a DS to browse the internet.

Game Pickups Week 1 June 2016

Okay so I know I said last time that it was a bit of an unusual week that I scored so many great things, but it seems this week has been just as crazy! Maybe it's to do with the economy or something, I don't know! But what I do know is that I've had some amazing pick ups this week.

Game Pickups Week 3 May 2016

So for around two years now I've created a bit of a habit of collecting video games. It started as filling a few holes in my collection like replacing a missing copy of Final Fantasy 12, then turned in to completing full series of games and has now gotten a bit out of control. I don't mind, I have amazing fun doing it and it doesn't cost me very much (if any) because often I pick up a few games I already have in bundles and end up flipping those games for a profit or paying for the rest of the bundle.