Harsh Review - Pokemon Ultra Sun / Moon

Ok, it's time to be harsh again! Lately my harsh reviews have been rough because i've been so time-poor that i've only played good games that are hard to talk shit on. Well, here comes a new challenger! Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon.. Jesus Christ where do I begin with this one..

Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge Part 1

So a little while back, Nintendo re-released the original Pokemon games for digital download. Nostalgic me wanted to play through these games again, but challenge-loving me wanted to do it hard mode. Because somehow I forgot that these games were actually already considerably hard without adding the Nuzlocke rules to them! If you don't know what those rules are, you can check out this article on Bulbapedia.

Pokemon Omega Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge

Image by Coldfire0007

So because I didn't have enough on my plate with reading Guardians of the Galaxy, Walking Dead, and playing Bioshock Infinite and Borderlands Pre Sequel, I thought I would buy the new Pokemon game. I really didn't enjoy the last generation of games and the only reason I actually finished X was because I was on an 18 hour flight to Japan and had nothing else to do. This time though, I am undertaking the Nuzlocke Challenge.